Welcome to the frequently asked questions page for SKI TV® worldwide.

Q. What is SKI TV®?
A. SKI TV® Worldwide is a group of online video channels which is being set up as a world network which interact with each other. We cover all world ski areas, including Europe, Scandinavia, North and South Americas, Australia/New Zealand and Japan.
Q. Which channels are currently operational? 
A. We have six Australian channels operational now, plus SKI TV® Japan, (both English and Japanese versions) SKI TV® Austria, SKI TV® France, SKI TV® Italy, SKI TV® Germany and SKI TV® Europe. More channels are coming online all the time. Channels that are currently operational will have the word (Online) after the channel name in the menu. Future SKI TV® channels without the word online after them can be clicked which will take you through to that resorts home website.
Q. Do your channels carry advertising?
A. Yes, our channels carry scrolling advertisements for ski related clients worldwide. For advertising inquiries and rates, please contact us via the About/contact page or email us at geoff@skitv.com.au
Q. Do your channels carry snow and weather reports? 
A. Yes, our dedicated software checks for new ski reports which are filmed daily on world ski resorts and inserts them into our programs half an hour after they are published to the web. On mountain snow reports appear every half hour during ski season.
Q. What about your ski movies?
A. We have a library of over 4000 HD quality ski movies rotating at random on all channels and this is growing week by week. We feature both our own content and promotional content provided by major ski manufacturers.
Q. What other information is featured on the screen?
A. We feature ski clocks from all ski resorts in the world refreshing every ten seconds, lift and weather information refreshing every ten seconds from www.mountainwatch.com and www.onthesnow.com (European channels) and a news ticker feed featuring latest news and information around the clock.
Q. Are there any restrictions or memberships required to use SKI TV®?
A. No, there are no memberships or restrictions required to watch the service online.
Q. What are the technical requirements if I want to use SKI TV® as digital signage?
A. If you are a ski shop owner, restaurant or other snow business wishing to use the system as free digital signage, you simply have to connect your wifi or hardwire computer connection to a large screen. If you are using this on an extended basis, we highly recommend you obtain an unlimited monthly data stream via your internet provider. Set your TV aspect output to 16.9 full screen for best results.
Q. Can I submit my own content to SKI TV®?
A. Yes, you can send us a Youtube link with your own content which if approved will be inserted into our general SKI TV® programming. We only accept well produced and edited content with a minimum of 720p (1080p preferred) quality. Send us the link via geoff@skitv.com.au
Q. Can I own my own SKI TV® channel?
A. Yes, if you are a chamber of commerce, ski lift company or resort operator, we are open to you entering into our channel ownership/share revenue partnership. For more information, contact us at geoff@skitv.com.au
  Q. Can I become a SKI TV® agent?
  A. Yes, we are looking for local ski area country agents, on mountain agent/film makers and sales personel to represent SKI TV® in the countries and ski regions where we plan to operate our future channels. For more information on becoming an agent, local film producer or local sales representative, please email us at geoff@skitv.com.au